Indians & Japanese PRAYiNG together

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Corporate Indians & Japanese PRAYiNG together

The times of India Pune, main newspaper carried a news item on page 13 of its Wednesday 29 August 2012 edition mentioning that prayers were held at Maruti plant in Manesar. The prayers were led by Mr. Osamu Suzuki, Chairman of Suzuki Motor Co. of Japan which is the owner of Maruti. The prayer was also attended by Shri R.C.Bhargava, Chairman of Maruti India.

Prayers were offered to Lord Maruti , also known as Hanuman / Bajrang Bali in India & Soon Moo Khong in China / Laos / Vietnam / Cambodia. Prayers were also offered to Ma Durga.

How is it that Japanese people are praying to the same God as Indian Hindu Gods?

The reason is that Japanese people are Hindu. Most people believe that Japanese are Buddhist, which is true today. They became Buddhist @ two thousand years ago because of our Indian Emperor Ashoka, just like the Chinese & Koreans also became Buddhist because of Emperor Ashoka. Some people say that out of the three wives of King Dashrath (father of Lord Ram), Kaikeyee (mother of Bharat) was from Korea. Koreans are very fair (white), that is why Bharat was very fair, while Ram was darker.

Coming back to the prayers at Maruti factory in Manesar: The name of the ancient religion (before The Buddha) of Japan as written in English is Shinto, which is pronounced in Japanese as Hindu. Thus:

SHiNTO==SHiNDO==HiNDO==HiNDU. It only sounds different because of English spelling.

Therefore it is no surprise that Japanese and Indians are together praying to the same Gods.

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