What is your blood group?

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What is your Blood Group?

Some would have B+ (positive), Some would have A-- (negative), and others would have many other blood groups like A,B,C,D, O etc. etc. Yet each would be either + or . What is + or ? What is the meaning of + positive and negative? Or more exactly Rh+ or Rh?

The + & is based on our ancestors breeding (=copulating) with RHESUS monkeys, which still exist and live on Earth today! The Rh comes from Rhesus.

There is a theory (belief?) that Humans did not evolve from monkeys. That Human intelligence comes from Aliens who landed on earth very long ago==may be a lakh years ago or 10 lakh years ago or…whenever!

When these Aliens landed on Earth, they did not find Earth suitable for long term settling down. Yet they HAD to follow the Prime Directive which all species (you/me/my father/your father/every creature/) HAS to follow, which is: The Species MUST CONTiNUE!

Since species must continue, these Aliens had to MATE with some species on Earth which were genetically compatible.

These Aliens found that Rhesus Monkeys were genetically compatible for reproduction. So they mated with Rhesus Monkeys, and the human race was created.

There is a Law of Nature which is also known as Mendel’s Law of Genetics which states: Every creature inherits the properties (=genes) of both its parents (=father & mother), but the DOMiNANT gene in each creature is on ONE OF ITS FOUR GRANDPARENTs!

So every human, has some genetic commonality with the Rhesus Monkeys of Earth and also with the Aliens who mated with Rhesus monkeys many lakh years ago.

After much mating and producing many humans, the Aliens left Earth and went away. So there is no way we can get any blood samples of our Alien ancestors, but we can, (and still do) get blood samples of Rhesus Monkeys.

As medical science progressed and blood transfusion was invented, it was discovered that there are many different blood types in humans, such as A / B / C / D / O etc., and each is either Rh+ or Rh.

Those humans whose blood has MORE commonality with Rhesus Monkey Blood have blood which is Rh+ and those humans whose blood has less commonality with Rhesus Monkey have blood which is Rh.

This law was discovered by Gregor Johann Mendel @ 1870, that is 150 years ago. His Law states: Every creature has two parents=Mother & Father. Same creature has TWO pairs of grandparents==0ne pair from mother’s side and 0ne pair from father’s side. And he stated Mendel’s Law==The Law of the DOMiNANT GENE! Which is==Every creature inherits the genes and traits of mother and father equally. Yet the DOMiNANT gene is of ONE of the FOUR grandparents.

The four grandparents are: Mother’s mother & mother’s father, AND Father’s mother and Father’s Father! And each creature’s dominant gene will be of ONE of the FOUR grandparents.

This is genetic LAW of Nature which applies to everything in the Universe.

I have myself seen, observed, studied, and analyzed this LAW, which exists in my own family and my own children.

My wife’s mother (=my mother in Law=my children’s maternal grandmother as per Mendel’s Law) is of a Mongoloid race= =Indonesian from Palembang in Sumatra, Indonesia.

My Wife’s father (my father in Law=my children’s maternal grandfather as per Mendel’s Law) is mixed breed. His father (=my children’s great grandfather) was Semitic Arab, while his wife (=my children’s maternal GREAT grandmother as per Mendel’s Law) was CHiNESE.

And as per Mendel’s Law, my son’s Dominant Gene is from his Indonesian Grandmother (It can be seen in his face) and my daughter’s Dominant Gene is from her Indian grandmother (=my mother)=I can see it in her face!

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