Mutiny on The Bounty

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As per facts of recorded history, in 1787-88, which is 225 years ago, the British sailing Ship HMS BOUNTY was ordered by the King of England – George III, to go to the South Seas (=South Pacific 0cean) to get BREADFRUIT. Breadfruit is a juicy Citric/ Citrus fruit (98.7% water) like Santra, Mosambi, Neembu, Narangi etc. which grows naturally in the South Pacific Ocean islands like Tahiti & Samoa. The ship Bounty sailed out from England in December 1787, commanded by Captain William Bligh.


The ship reached Tahiti many months later. They got Breadfruit plants, but they had to wait on Tahiti for many months till the Breadfruit plants matured enough to transport. In this period of many months, the crew of the ship BOUNTY, started living on Tahiti and cohabited with the women there. They probably didn’t want to leave Tahiti. Yet, as per his duty, Capt. Bligh HAD to get back and deliver the Breadfruit to the King of England.


So on April 4, 1789, the Bounty departed Tahiti, much to the displeasure of many of the crew. On the night of April 28, Fletcher Christian and 18 of the crew Mutinied (=Revolted). They surprised and bound (=tied) Captain Bligh in his cabin. Dragging him on deck, Christian bloodlessly (nobody was killed) took control of the ship despite the fact that the most of the crew (22) sided with the captain. Bligh and 18 loyalists were forced over the side into Bounty's cutter (=a large lifeboat) and given a sextant (location calculating instrument), four cutlasses (=swords), and several days’ food and water. Capt. Bligh was a Master Sailor. He fitted a sail on the lifeboat and sailed 6000 km from Tahiti to Timor (in Indonesia today), and made his way back to England and continued his career and became a Vice Admiral in the British Navy.


The Mutineers could NEVER go back to England, because they would be hanged for Mutiny. That was the Law at that time. So they drifted around the islands in the South Pacific 0cean for a few months, during which some settled in some scattered islands here and there, while some continued sailing on the BOUNTY.

The BOUNTY finally landed at Pitcairn Island (1300 acres=2 square miles) and all the people settled there.


Today, a directed descendant of Fletcher Christian, named Andrew Christian lives on Pitcairn. He has internet and you can contact him thru Google Earth.


Would you like to go and meet him and see how people live forever on such small islands in the middle of nowhere?

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