How to Develop North-East?

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Neiphiu Rio

What does Neiphu Rio==ex Chief Minister of Nagaland see in NaMo? My take on Neiphiu Rio:

I live in Pune, Maharashtra. I have talked to many educated people (post graduate) and asked them questions like: Should we give statehood to BodoLand? Should we give statehood to North Bengal (Darjeeling area)? Even these post graduate people had no idea of the demographics / geography / history / politics of Assam. It is VERY FAR AWAY from Pune, even for post graduate educated people.

There are many demands, YET the Bodo demand is KritiKal. First and foremost Bodo are Hindu. They are being overrun by illegal eslimeicks from B’desh=BD. The local govt. is believed to be complicit in this.

Geography of the area gives the impression that this is done by a systematically organized process. KOKRAJHAR which is part of BodoLand and appears to be the centre of the trouble is NORTH OF THE BRAHMAPUTRA. I have been there and crossing this mighty river is not easy. There is no border between B’desh and Assam in this region. If the BD illegals want to reach BodoLand, they have to cross the entire Meghalaya from south to north, which is 140 km by straight line (but by transport will be much more) then cross the Brahmaputra and enter BodoLand.

Do you think such STRANGERs will be able to make this journey and kill Bodos and occupy their land without local support? I doubt!

I have very close relations with the NorthEast. I am 67 years old. I have lived in Assam (Pandu/Guwahati) 1950—1953. I went to school in Guwahati. I have widely travelled NE and visited all seven sisters (except Sikkim) between 2003—2005. I have an adopted son named Gaijinlung Kamei Angami (who was my student in Sri Balaji Society’s IIMM college 2001—2003). He is from the JE-LiANG-RONG Tribal group of Nagas, in which JE stands for JEi-mei Tribe, LiANG stands for the LiANG-mei Tribe and RONG stands for the RONG-mei tribe. My Naga son’s short name is Jin. Currently he is with ICICI bank in Imphal, Manipur and we are in regular touch.

I think Neiphiu Rio should definitely join the Delhi Cabinet. Maybe create some dept. of N. E. Development and appoint Neiphiu Rio as MOS to guide. I think this is the best bet for focusing on the North East and Neiphiu Rio understands this. I hope NaMo looks at this.

That is why Neiphiu Rio is moving to Delhi.

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