o8.June.2014.Dealing with China

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Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi is coming to India tomorrow=8.June.2014. What should our foreign Minister talk with him?

Firstly look at what the GROUND POSiTiON is TODAY in J&K.



As you can see, this is our border with China. Shaksgam Valley at the top, and Aksai Chin on the right, are already today (in 2014), physically under China. As you can see in the map above, there is a road connecting Tibet (which the Chinese call Xizang) in the south, to Yarkand in eslimeyick Xinjiang province in the north. The Chinese took over Aksai Chin in the 1962 war which we lost. Aksai Chin was part of ancient J&K which was ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh’s ancestors.

In Arunachal which is 1600km east of J&K, also called the eastern sector of our border with China, China had already taken over almost the whole of Arunachal in the 1962 war within a month, but for some unknown to us reason, withdrew back from Arunachal on their own.

I know all this because my father was drafted to fight in this war.

What is out biggest concern?

China is planning to build a huge dam on the Bramhaputra river in Tibet (Bramhaputra river flows East to West in Tibet, turns southwards & flows into India. Bramhaputra is called TsangPo in TibetChina) about 300 or more km due north of Dambuk in the Assam.

How will it affect Assam? Today Assam is a water surplus state and the Bramhaputra (as also Ganga) flow into Bangladesh=B’desh and finally into the Bay of Bengal.

If it reduces the quantity of water flowing into India, obviously the quantity of water flowing into B’desh will also reduce.

I do not know how much % of the water in the Bramhaputra comes from TibetChina and how much % from rain within Arunachal and Assam. But if it is substantial and going to affect us, we have to do something!

How will this Dam affect us?

What should we do?

We strike a bargain with Mr. Wang Yi.

First China should acknowledge that Aksai Chin belongs to us. We know they need it because their Tibet – Xinjiang highway passes thru it. We also know that today we do not have the physical or military strength to take it back. China also knows this.

We say: OK, you have Aksai Chin with you. We will officially (by treaty) LEASE it to you for 99 years, provided:

<1>CHiNA WiLL NOT BUILD A DAM ON THE BRAMHAPUTRA (=TsangPo in Tibet) for 99 years.


Here is some additional information:

Ancient Similarities between India and China

1>>The Chin Emperor named Chin Shi Huang Di first started to Unite China and began to build the Great Wall of China around 206 BC. Please note that the Great Wall defined?/defines? the NORTHERN border of ORiGiNAL China. Yet today China extends much further NORTH than the Great Wall. Provinces like Manchuria & Inner Mongolia are NORTH of the Great Wall which are TODAY very much part of China.

1>>Emperor Ashoka who united India and created the Ashok Chakra with the four Lions that is our national symbol TODAY, ruled from 269—232 BC, which is 232—206=26 years before Shi Huang Di.

2>>The Buddha and Confucius are contemporary (which means both Lived at the same time) between 550 BC and 450 BC, which is about 300 years before Ashoka.

3>>In modern times, in the 20th century Dr. Sun Yat Sen started the Chinese revolution against the Emperor Pu Yi around the same time that Gandhi baba started revolution against the British in Hindustan.

4>>Gandhi baba had two main followers: Nehru & Sardar Patel. Sun Yat Sen also had two main followers: Mao Ze Dong & Chiang Kai Shek.

5>>In 1949, Mao Ze Dong won the ideological war, banished Chiang Kai Shek to Taiwan and Mao Ze Dong became de-facto ruler of China. In 1950 Sardar Patel died and Nehru became de-facto ruler of India.

6>>Nehru died on 27.May.1964=50 years ago – apparently from SHOCK because of our defeat by China. I remember on that day I had gone to watch a 3–6 movie in Moti Theater in Old Delhi. It was Sanjeev Kumar’s first movie and the heroine was L.VijayaLaxmi. The tagline of the movie was: WHO WAS THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK? I don’t remember the name of the movie.

6>>Mao died in 1976. India fought a serious fierce war with China, when China invaded Arunachal (then NEFA) and almost reached Guwahati. In that war India was totally defeated by China.

7>>Nehru was succeeded briefly by Lal Bahadur Shastri and then Indira Gandhi ruled for long time. Mao was succeeded briefly by Liu Shao Chi and then Deng Xiao Ping ruled for long time and brought in reforms in the early eighties.

7>>Neither Indira nor Rajiv brought in much economic reform, but P.V.Narsimha Rao brought in economic reforms in the early nineties, ten years after China.

8>>Around the same time Emperor Ashoka spread Buddhism to China, Chinese also practiced Ta0ism which is the same as Hindusim (they still do, just like us). The Hindu monkey God Hanuman (Bajrang Bali) is the same as Chinese monkey God Soon Mo Khong.

9>>The most ancient Chinese treatise, “THE ART OF WAR” was written by Sun Tzu 225 years before Chanakya wrote “ARTHASHASTRA”.

10>>india and China, both are buying used, reconditioned Aircraft Carrier ship from Russia around the same time.

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